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Over the years we have been asked many questions in relation to space saving wall beds so we thought it would be a good idea to list and answer some of these questions.

If you have a question that is not listed here then please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.



What is a wall bed?

A wall bed is a bed that folds upright against a wall. Wall bed is a generic term which is used to describe many variations of this and so there are many types of wall bed from very cheap bed frames to the more luxurious wall beds which are fully enclosed within its own purpose built cabinet.



Is a Space Saving Bed a wall bed?

A Space Saving Bed is a premium variation on a wall bed. Wall bed is a general term used to describe a bed that folds up against a wall and this can often include very cheap & basic wall bed frames. Our Space Saving Beds are much more than this. They are purpose built within high quality cabinet work, all made to order so you can choose your own colour combination and also choose from a wide range of customisable features.



Are wall beds proper beds?

Yes! With the advantage of being able to create more space instantly in your room.



Can I fold away the wall bed with bedding and pillows left on?

Yes! Wall beds include straps to hold the bedding in place when folded away. This gives the advantage of instantly producing a bed which is ready to sleep on, also when folding away there is no faff taking all the bedding off and finding somewhere to store it.



Are wall beds easy to use?

Yes! The beauty of Space Saving Beds is that they are so simple and easy to operate especially in comparison to other folding type beds.



Are wall beds easy to raise and lower?

Yes! Generally most wall beds have some sort of counter balance mechanism which takes much of the heavy lifting away from the operator. Space Saving Beds are very light and easy to lift and lower the bed. The Space Saving Beds mechanisms ensure that beds do not come crashing down to the floor even if you let go of the bed - Just a smooth, slow motion.



Can wall beds be opened quickly?

Wall beds can be lowered and ready to sleep on in seconds.



Can wall beds be closed quickly?

Wall beds can be folded away in seconds. Even if using the bed on a daily basis there is absolutely no fuss in the morning. Simply make your bed when you get up, just like you would with a regular bed and then fold it away - No fuss and so much more space.



Can wall beds be used on a daily basis?




Are wall beds comfy?

Yes! The advantage of a Space Saving Bed is that they have a proper slatted bed base and proper metal bed base frame so there is no difference in comfort compared to standard (non space saving) beds. Many other fold-up style beds do not offer this.



Do wall beds use proper mattresses - can I use my own?

Yes! Space saving wall beds use proper mattresses. You can use your own mattress providing all of the dimensions are correct. Alternatively you can purchase one of our top quality wall bed mattresses which have been tested for size, weight and comfort and compliment our wall beds perfectly.



How do wall beds work?

Wall beds work on a pivot mechanism with a counter balance system to reduce much of the weight when being operated. The result of this is a very light and easy to use space saving bed.



Should I buy a wall bed or a sofa bed?

Sofa beds can be a useful piece of furniture and can provide a useful sleeping solution, providing it is other people that have to sleep on it and not you : ) It is common knowledge that sofa beds are not the most comfortable of beds, even expensive sofa beds cannot offer the same comfort as a proper bed. There is a simple reason for this and it is because sofa bed mattresses must fold at least once or twice to convert into a sofa. This means that slimmer mattresses and mattresses with less filling have to be used on a sofa bed and this makes a very uncomfortable bed in comparison. If your main priorities are to create more space and also have a proper, comfortable bed which is easy to operate and very practical then a wall bed is a great solution.   



Can I view wall beds before I buy? also have premises where a selection of our wall beds can be viewed. Viewing is by appointment only so please contact us to arrange an appointment.



Do you offer matching furniture to compliment my wall bed?

Yes! Please request our catalogue to view our range of matching furniture.



Do you deliver wall beds to my area?

We deliver to most parts of the UK. Please contact us with your location details for further information.



Do you stock wall beds?

Space Saving Wall Beds are made to order.



Can I install the wall bed myself?

Space Saving Beds can be installed as a DIY project although it is essential that wall beds are securely fixed. Wall beds should be installed by someone with wall fixing experience and so we always recommend this is done by a tradesperson or someone as competent.



Do you offer a wall bed installation service?

We supply only. This helps us to offer the best products at the lowest prices possible without the extra overheads that come with additional services. With Space Saving Beds there is no installation costs or vehicle running costs swallowed up within the price of our wall beds. This may be one reason why you will find other products far more expensive but inferior quality.

It is very easy nowadays to find local tradespeople to carry out your installation and generally much more cost effective.