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A wallbed or Murphybed is basically a bed which folds up against the wall when not in use. When the bed is not in use it can be either hidden in a wardrobe or on show - depending on what the wall bed is being used for will usually be a factor in whether you would like it hidden away or not for example if it is only going to be used occasionally as a guest bed then you may prefer to have it hidden in a cupboard, or if you plan to use it as a regular bed on a daily basis then it may be more practical to have it as an open wall bed - always on view.

A hidden wall bed built into a unit is great for guest bedrooms or even a home office which can double up as a guest bedroom. Your guests will be extremely pleased when you open up a wardrobe and pull out a proper full size bed instead of offering them the couch or camping bed.

An open wall bed such as our diy wall bed is usually a great space saver for smaller bedrooms. You can simply lift up the bed during the day and pull down the bed at night. The floor space taken up by a bed is quite a big area so being able to easily reclaim this space can be the equivalent of adding a small extension to your room. Just think of all the things you can now do with the extra space you create - Space for exercise, hobbies, gaming space or just more space in the room for getting ready for work in the morning or a night on the town.

Here's some wall beds we offer including open wall beds, hidden wall beds, vertical wall beds, horizontal wall beds & wall beds with desks.

Foldaway Bunk Bed

foldaway bunk bed

Studio Desk Bed

studio desk bed

Foldaway Shelf Bed

foldaway shelf bed

Hidden Wall Bed

hidden wall bed

DIY Wall Bed

DIY wall bed

Stowaway wall Bed

stowaway bed,

Smart Study wall bed

Smart Study


Here's one of our most popular wall beds - The Foldaway Bunk Bed.


Foldaway Bunk video - More info...

Here is a "desk" wall-bed - The simple modern design includes the single foldaway bed with a permanent desk fixture - The Studio Desk Bed.


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A bed in a cupboard - Generally known as a Murphy bed this tidy looking and robust piece of furniture is suitable for many environments including home use or contract use - We call it the - The Hidden Bed.


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Here's an example of an open wall bed - You can see how easy it is to reclaim the floor space usually taken up by a normal bed - Notice how you can leave all of the bedding in place - The diy wall Bed.

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Look how easy it is to assemble and install a diy wall bed - OK it's not a 5 minute job and secure fixing is important but someone with diy experience and access to tools should find this fairly easy to do - The diy wall Bed.

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